Sugarman Estate -aka- Honua Kai Lani

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Ceremony Setup Maui Wedding at Sugarman Estate
  • Ceremony Setup Maui Wedding at Sugarman Estate
    Picture the memories. Your Maui wedding at the Honua Kai Lani's North Point can accommodate 100 plus guests.
  • Sugarman Estate view of Molokini Island
    A blue carpet of Pacific beauty stretches from the shores of the Honua Kai Lani, to the islands of Kahoolawe, Molokini and beyond.
  • Guests await the bride
    Sunset weddings at Maui's Sugarman Estate are almost too amazing to describe with words. Honua Kai Lani, meaning Earth - Sea - and Sky, captures the experience.
  • Guests gather after a Maui Wedding
    The Sugarman Estate is known throughout the world for its gracious lawnscapes and a Spirit of Aloha that permeates every detail of your Maui wedding or event.
  • North Point chair setup
    The North Point of the Honua Kai Lani provides space and stunning scenery.
  • North Point Vista
    The Honua Kai Lani, also known as the Sugarman Estate, is filled with exotic plants, ancient Kiawe trees and coconut palms.
  • North Point Aerial View
    From an elevation of 700 feet or so, a bare corner of this magnificent location hints at the tropical wonders concealed by water and tree canopies.

  • South Lawn looking North to South
    Broad expanses of manicured lawn, the perfect pallette for designing perfect events at the Sugarman Estate.
  • Looking South
    The Honua Kai Lani comfortably accommodates tents up to 120 feet in length.
  • Looking Down from 1,000 feet
    The white outline represents one of a number of locations for service tents, bar canopies and other hard installs.
  • South Point
    The South Point of the Honua Kai Lani is another option for your Maui wedding or event.
  • South Point Aerial
    Looking down from an elevation of 1,000 feet, you catch a glimpse of the possibilities the Sugarman Estate offers for your gathering.

  • Large Event
  • Golden Hour
  • Bar setup outdoors
  • Chivari Chairs
  • Party Lights up the Night
  • Raj Tents
    Raj Tents by Pacific Event Group
  • Arabian Night in Paradise
    Imagination, creativity, there is no end to the possibilities at the Honua Kai Lani.
  • Raj tent with lights
  • Small dinner party
    From large to small events, intimate family reunions or even vow renewals, the Sugarman Estate has hosted them all.
  • Warm nights in the soft glow of romance
  • Seaside sofa

  • helicopter view of event setup
    This view provides a good perspective of the property during a wedding setup.

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    At the lower left, vendors install a bamboo wedding 'arch,' and set up chivari chairs for the wedding. Just above the Gazebo is a tent fronted with an outdoor dining canopy for the wedding party.

  • Tree Canopy
    This aerial view of the Sugarman Estate displays the covering canopy of palm, kiawe and monkey pod trees.
  • Canopy Removed
    Same view but with the tree canopy 'removed.' The lines show various placements for tents and other event installs.
  • sugarman estate, or honua kai lani tent placements
    This is a small view of acceptable tent locations on the Honua Kai Lani grounds.

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  • Main House
  • Bathroom
    One of three bathrooms.
  • House and Front Lanai
  • Screened Lanai
    Great place to put the finishing touches on floral arrangements.
  • View of the ocean
    This charming, bungalow style home is for principals (or immediate wedding party) use only. Guest Men and Women's restrooms are located in the upper parking area.

Ceremony Setup Maui Wedding at Sugarman Estate